Vili and Vé are the two brothers of Odin. According to Norwegian folklore, these lesser-known Gods helped him create the mountains and the fjords that adorn the Norwegian countryside. Their role is suggestive of our own, as we look to help young technology start-ups reach their potential and transform the business landscape.

Our mission is to help develop businesses with a positive impact on the environment and society. We know that new technology is the most powerful tool at humanity’s disposal, and our focus is therefore on breakthroughs in cleantech, nanomaterials, and life sciences.

Our approach is a marriage of business and scientific competence. Our team consists of people with extensive knowledge of business management and administration, venture finance, and manufacturing. However, we also pride ourselves on our access to top scientific talent, conscious that understanding new technology is key to its successful commercialisation.

Our partnership with Nanotech Energy, Hydrophilix, SuperMetalix, and MyLife Therapeutics started in 2016 and is rooted in the long history of friendship and mutual respect between Morten M Bakken and Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, chairman of the companies in the USA. Together, our mission is to bring these companies' game-changing technologies to market and deliver a positive transformation in both healthcare and green industries.